Learn story fundamentals, go in the field to craft an inspiring short film, and master how to attract and work with ideal clients.

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"There were many humbling moments throughout the experience that got me in touch with my humanity, my desires and motivations."
Team NYC
"If you are looking for a nice cushy cruise experience, then Muse Film School is not for you. It is more like a bootcamp, forcing you to find your own resourcefulness to become a valuable member of your production team and contribute to the best film you have created to date."
Team Okinawa
"Muse Film School helped me to grasp storytelling which helped me to fall back in love with filmmaking right when I thought I wasn't cut out for it."
Team Okinawa
Why Join Muse Film School?
Never make another crap video for crap pay again. 
Muse Film School is a significant investment in both your time and money. We take that investment incredibly seriously. That's why we've meticulously crafted every part of this program to ensure that everybody achieves life-changing results. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.
Become a more confident storyteller
Work with dedicated storytelling coaches
Join Muse in-the-field in making a remarkable film
Personalized recommendations to revamp YOUR business and brand
Perfect the art of pitching to clients
Collaborate with a like-minded filmmaking community
• Become a more confident storyteller
• Work with a dedicated coach
• Leave with a completed, portfolio-caliber film
• Personalized recommendations to revamp YOUR business and brand
• Perfect the art of pitching to clients
• Collaborate with a like-minded filmmaking community
What You Can Expect From The 
12-Week Curriculum
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First Section: Deeply Understand The Elements Needed For An Emotionally Moving Masterpiece, Every Single Time
Being able to create work you love, getting the respect of your clients, and being able to command higher budgets all starts with knowing how to make an emotionally moving film. And that starts with story.

With Muse Film School, you'll be taught the deep structure and ancient language of story. You'll also learn a step-by-step process for bringing your stories to life.
Second Section: Develop A Powerful Group Film On A Real & Remarkable Human
WEEKS 4 TO 9, once WEEKLY WEBINARS (plus in-the-field production)
It's only by doing that the core concepts can really solidify and come to life. 

You'll be assigned to a group based on both your interests and geography. With the guidance of your coach and the Muse Team, your group will find and develop a powerful film. Each group will produce an episode of the original web-series The Remarkable Ones (our original web-series that has gathered over 5 million views to date). 

You'll have your choice of a US or an international story (travel is an additional expense) and the Muse Team will join you in the field for production to ensure you have guidance and support every step of the way. 
Third Section: Apply Your Knowledge To Build Your Filmmaking Brand And Business
WEEKS 10 TO 12, once WEEKLY WEBINARS (plus 1-on-1 consultations)
Using your knowledge of storytelling, you'll develop your brand and develop everything you need to master the client experience.

We'll do a complete brand audit, help you develop your brand story, and arm you with everything else you'll need to pitch clients, properly budget and bid your work, and land the right jobs.

Armed with the film you’ve created, you’ll leave this program ready to drive the creative process, connect with clients you love, and get healthy production budgets.
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Each cohort of Muse Film School has just 30 filmmakers. Applications are open right now. Muse Film School is a serious investment of both time and money, which is why we ask you to go through an application process to ensure the program is right for you.

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